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No. 15 at Dunster Beach has a fully equipped galley kitchen, dining table, smart T.V., double bed, shower room, binoculars to monitor the ships sailing up and down the Bristol Channel or to do a bit of bird watching.


It is a self-catering chalet, situated right on the beach and you can be in bed one minute and within 5 seconds you can be kicking the sand with your bare feet. Breakfast on the patio, watching the sun rise and cocktails on the porch to catch the sunset, with views of Dunster Castle and within earshot of the whistle and the chuffing of the classic steam train.


The welcome committee in the form of ducks from the little lake, and bunnies galore. Sleeps two comfortably and magically.


We used to go to Somerset for my family's summer holidays in the 60s; we would rent a cottage in Dulverton, just a few miles from Dunster Beach, so it was fitting when I visited Dunster many, many years later and I went to Dunster Beach and spotted the charming green chalets on the beach and through a series of events I was fortunate enough to eventually own number 15 - the 'green one' in the picture.

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